By April 4, 2018Printing

Our Z-Cards are the ideal way to condense information into a retainable and highly portable format that goes directly into your customer’s pockets. Featuring an intuitive opening mechanism as well as a generous capacity for text, it remains one of the more popular and enduring printed pieces.

Z-Cards can contain up to 48 pages that are designed to fold out from a handy size. They consist of a folded insert sheet that is adhered to a pair of round or square cornered front and back covers. The insert is printed double sided in colour on lightweight stocks; the covers are printed single sided on 350gsm card.

It’s a proven fact that, because of their tactile qualities, Z-Cards are kept and referred to for longer than traditional leaflets, 95% of recipients said they would keep a Z Card (TRBI).

Z-Cards are highly retainable, transportable and very effective communication tools, they are perfect for the following products:

• Conference information packs
• Museum and Exhibition guides
• University and College campus guides
• Quick start guides
• Product guides
• Timetables
• Policy and legislation aids
• Event calendars
• User guides
• Location maps
• Sales promotion material
• Information guides

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