Slow down, get some print in your life…

By October 9, 2017Digital Printing, Printing

Slow down, get some print in your life…

In a world full of digital noise and throw away media, people are being drawn more and more to print as a way of relaxing and switching off. Technology has changed and advanced so fast over the last couple of decades that information overload and being tied to a screen has blurred the lines of how best to make your message effective and how best to be heard.
Trends are showing that print can be a refuge, a haven. Hard copy is something tactile, something to focus on, enjoy and relax with. Did you know when you are relaxed you are more likely to take in information and therefore makes your message more effective and compulsive? Another benefit of print is that it is tangible and acts as a physical reminder, to keep and revisit.

The Two Sides 2017 research results show that consumers prefer to read the printed version of books and magazines (72%) and newspapers (55%) over digital options. Respondents also indicated that reading in print is more enjoyable than reading electronically and 69% of all respondents believe it is important to “switch off” and enjoy print more. Click here to learn more about Two Sides.

Don’t get me wrong, we all love our smartphones, tablets and social media and we wouldn’t want to be without them, but in the world of the fast take time to savour and understand what you read. Relax and feel the quality. Create in print that beautiful product you just know your audience will adore and take time out to read.

Don’t forget that print also has a fantastic environmental message. 70% of all paper across Europe is recycled and is one of the most sustainable products of all. Fuller Davies is an FSC printer and we only use FSC paper. We can also carbon offset the paper used, for free!