Pillow Talk

By March 27, 2018Uncategorized
Pillow Pack

There is currently huge demand for versatile, cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging. Pillows Packs tick all of these boxes and are one of the cheapest and most versatile around. Our Pillow Packs are printed and made on site at Fuller Davies, helping to keep them very cost effective.

What are they?

Pillow Packs are a stylish type of specialty package that is ideal for smaller, lighter items. It’s a simple but striking packaging solution for protecting your product, either to hand out or mail out. The ingenious design means they pop into curved pillow shape to resemble a miniature cardboard pillow, with interlocking tabs for protection of the contents. They come in all sorts of sizes to suit your product, making them extremely versatile. Your message and branding will be very visible and for further impact can be integrated into the shape of the box.

They are suitable for sending through the post for retail or e-commerce and add that extra dimension to your marketing campaigns. They make a real impression and when the recipient receives them, they are always intrigued to see what’s inside. All this helps to make these branded little Pillows an excellent all-rounder when it comes to memorable packaging and getting your message across in a stunning visual way.

We are experts in bespoke printing, for more information and samples please get in touch 01473 252 121  sales@fullerdavies.com