GDPR – The Good News

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GDPR - The Good News

The good news for Marketing and Mailing is under GDPR is you won’t need consent for postal marketing (source ico. 2017). Also the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) recommended mail as the best channel through which to obtain consent. It’s proven time and time again to give great results, and is also less vulnerable to a security data breach.

In an ever changing world it’s more important than ever to build trust using reputable, respected, marketing communication channels. Mail offers higher response rates than email and is proven to “prime” other media (see MarketReach study below) if the recipient has previously been mailed, unsubscribe rates are lower. When mail is used it reassures the recipient that you value them. It lands in their actual mailbox, not their inbox and is the catalyst for them making a purchase or contact. Send an offer by mail and recipients value it as worth more than the same offer on screen.

The advantage direct mail has over online marketing channels is that direct mail has always been, and remains to be, the only channel where you can deliver your message right into the hands of your select target audience. With online channels, you are competing within a sea of like businesses, all fighting to get their message in front of users. The Private Life of Mail study showed brain response to physical mail was far higher than both email and TV.

People Trust Mail – Royal Mail MarketReach study

Royal Mail MarketReach studies show people rate messages delivered by mail as believable and 87% said they were influenced to make an online purchase as a result of receiving direct mail. 92% were driven to online activity and 86% connected with a business as a result of receiving mail.

So don’t be put off by talk of GDPR putting an end to marketing, it’s actually the opposite and the perfect opportunity to mail to your database and to continue to use physical mail as part of your marketing strategy.

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Download the Royal Mail document here

Download the ico. 12 steps to GDPR document here